"When You Open Your Sermon Vault

You Will Be Absolutely Blown Away

By What You Discover Inside!"



Dear Fellow Preacher,

My name is Barry Davis, and I have been preaching for over two decades. Like most of you, sometimes my "well runs dry" and I need some help from solid, Biblical, trustworthy resources.

It can be especially difficult after a week when I have two funerals, a wedding or two, three or four meetings, and a couple of counseling sessions thrown in for good measure. YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!

And other times, I just need some assistance in coming up with a good sermon series or Bible study...something that I know will impact those God called me to serve in a positive way.

Well let me cut right to the chase -- I have put together a package of sermons and other materials that will give you the help you need FOR YEARS TO COME! I've put a lot of time into loading "My Sermon Vault" with the best resources available at the lowest prices possible.

OVER 100,000 SERMONS!!!!
When you join My Sermon Vault you will receive:

All the full-manuscript Sermons, Bible Studies & PowerPoint files that come with the Pastor's MegaPack.

NEW! All EIGHT VOLUMES of our Pulpit Outline Series, plus PowerPoint files. Over 400 Sermons!

1,000s of detailed sermon outlines that you can use and develop for your own sermon or Bible Study series from your contemporaries.

1,000s more detailed sermon manuscripts and outlines from the Great Preachers of the past, such as R.A. Torrey, C.H. Spurgeon, and others.

NEW! Access to our exclusive "Sermon Searcher" custom search engine where you can search for over 100,000 more sermons by present day preachers. 

Well over 100,000 sermons total! Expository -- Topical -- Textual -- Weddings -- Funerals -- You name it, we've included it!

The complete Christian Classics Library collection. Over 300 Volumes of Commentaries, Encyclopedias, Church History, Dictionaries, etc....


An in-depth, complete 28-Volume (364 Lesson) Teaching Guide to lead your students through the entire Bible in Seven Years.

140 Lesson Teaching Guide on the Harmony of the Gospels (includes 28 examinations for your students).

All of the above is downloadable from our website. You will have instant access to everything you see here (we will send your info in less than 24 hours)!

Dear Barry,

I can't tell you how impressed I am with your Sermon Vault website.  I've spent several hours digging through your ministry resource. What a fantastic cornucopia of sermons, outlines, power points and bible studies.  All of which are organized in an easy to navigate system.  You have really out done yourself. In 35 years of ministry I've preached through most of books of the Bible (some several times), and although I still have many of those sermons on disc, I have never managed to systematize it like you. Well done!  I am looking forward to incorporating many of those sermons and studies into my own ministry. Thanks for your thorough work.




Dr. Max E. High, Senior Pastor

Southwinds Christian Church

Miami, Florida



When I found “My Sermon Vault” my immediate thought was, “who needs another set of sermon outlines?” However, after spending some time in the “Vault,” I have to admit that the materials and links provided are desirous and impressive! Not only are there hundreds of sermon outlines, Bible studies, and classical sermons presented by the masters, but there is an entire library of resources within. I am in the final stages of my second doctorate degree, a PhD in pastoral ministry, so I know something about research and the efforts needed to put this “Vault” together. This site is a must have for any serious student of God’s Word. My only regret is not finding it sooner!




Dr. Jeffrey A Klick, Senior Pastor 

Hope Family Fellowship

Kansas City, KS


Pastor Davis,

I must say that this Sermon Vault which you have so masterfully put together is totally one of a kind.  I have been looking through these messages and Bible studies and I have become so excited about the opportunity to be able to share them with our congregation.  As a Pastor I am always trying to hear from God, and always looking for a word from Him.  With the resources you have made available here in the Sermon Vault I have already been given a fresh perspective, and I am just so excited to even be a part of something of this magnitude.  Keep letting the Lord lead and guide you.





Christopher Woods Sr., Pastor

New Liberty Missionary Baptist Church

Indianapolis, IN


Hola Barry!
I just wanted to thank you very much GRACIAS!!! How refreshing it is to buy something and find out that you were not taken for a ride. I joined your site yesterday. I was not sure what I would find but since I am always looking for better messages and helps to improve my messages, I thought that it was worth a try. I was very, VERY happy to find many things I can use and that will help me in my ministry.  Thanks so much for the work you have put into this site and for providing such useful and wonderful material. I was amazed to see so much. As you said, "You will not believe"! Wow! I had no idea. It is nice to deal with God fearing men who say what they mean and mean what they say. Gracias.





Lauro Roybal, Pastor

Iglesia de Dios Unida



Dear Barry,

You must have been in ministry 150 years to have accumulated such a wealth of preaching and teaching resources! The sermon vault contains an embarrassment of riches. The sermons are Biblical, practical, and relevant, and the PowerPoint slides are a great way to connect with today's visual culture.  More importantly, the sermons are firmly grounded in Scripture, as are the well thought out Bible studies. The wedding and funeral resources are real timer savers, and add variety to to an area where we can get into a preaching rut. And the research resources are awesome! From the early church fathers to more contemporary commentaries, you'd need two church libraries to hold everything if it was in print form. Thanks, Barry, for making all of this available in one place.





Ron Hanson, Senior Minister 

New Brighton Christian Church

New Brighton, MN


Dear Barry,

Your My Sermon Vault collection is phenomenal with a gold mine of resources. I was a little skeptical at first because I had purchased most of your sermon resources and wondered how you could offer additional resources without duplication. Those that I purchased prior have been superb resources and have helped tremendously in preparation of my messages (especially with my busy schedule pastoring two churches). It is the best gift that I could  give myself and not feel guilty because it will not only help me in preparation but allow me more time to do people ministry. In less than 10 minutes inside the Vault I knew that I had purchased hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of resources at an affordable price. The costs of using these resources is minimal and will take me a lifetime to use. You obviously have been used by the Lord to provide resources to help busy pastors.  I can’t thank you enough.  Your time was well worth it.  May God continue to bless you in your ministry.



Byron Dealey, Pastor

Emmanuel Evangelical Church

Presbyterian Church of Langdon

Langdon, ND


In addition we have the following

bonuses to give you, free of charge!

BONUS #1 --Direct links to 1,000s of off-site sermons that we discovered on our quest to find the best the internet has to offer (continually being updated).

BONUS #2 -- Direct links to 85 Church-related, high-quality Software programs for you and your church to use, at absolutely no cost to you. This includes Bible, Church Management, Audio, Projection, Graphic, Anti-virus, Office, etc...

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BONUS #4 -- 35 Audio Recordings from Preaching Experts linked directly from our website. These cover topics on preaching preparation, exposition, proclamation, and just about every other homiletics subject you can imagine.

Take a Peek "Inside the Vault"

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As you can see, we have put together an absolutely amazing package that will be of great assistance to anyone involved in ministry. I'm sure you can see the tremendous value here.

Now one of the most difficult parts of putting this package together was trying to determine the price. We know that this is worth at least $300.00, but we also know that a lot of you can't afford that. We also want to get this into as many hands as possible.

So here is what we came up with...for a limited time, we are going to "let you into the vault" for the one time charge of only $97.00 for lifetime access! I'm not kidding, that is all we are going to charge. That is less than 0.01 cent per sermon, and doesn't even include all the other resources you will receive.

I must tell you that this price will go up to $147.00 soon, and it can happen at anytime. That isn't some kind of sales gimmick, the price will go up soon, as we are only offering this low price for our first few customers who order this new package.

Are you ready to come into the Sermon Vault?

See you "inside!"

In Christ,

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